21 January 2013

Jack Murley interview with Steve Massey today



  1. Five minutes of saying nothing of any real substance. PM needs to clarify his role pretty quickly and pin down exactly what Steve Massey is intending to do.

    1. To be fair I think the Chairman has it spot on. Massey will do what is needed to win matches. Last two games at home was a shambles

  2. after listening to this I'm totally baffled - it almost sounds as if Massey is intending to be some sort of mentor to Hodgey

  3. Hodgey is a player/manager now we could have 16 players and a manager and head of football great news! On October 19th we had nothing not even a Club!!!!!!

  4. Yes remember the Sutton home game we could not field 11 players no one on the bench I dream of 16 players Hodgey doing his Job as Manager and Massey waving a stick keeping them all in line and making sure there are no last minute goals

  5. If Lee Hodges had walked when the club went into administration there wouldn't be a club now because the thin line of players who remained loyal would have gone with him we must not forget that.
    As for winning matches, we may have done better with lady luck on our side, as it has been we could not expect much more and the supporters have shown their loyalty to Lee and the lads, Steve coming in must not make Lee Hodges position untenable.
    Steve kept mentioning winning matches and we all want that but I doubt if Steve would have done any better if he had the obstacles to overcome that Lee had, I just thought the continuous reference to himself and winning matches pointed to Lee being a loser and he's definately not that, he's a big winner in our eyes.
    With two seasoned professionals on board let's hope Truro City can deliver the goods.

  6. Steve Massey hasn't exactly helped the manager there - saying he's in to 'Help Truro City win matches'. Lee Hodges has done a fantastic job to get the club in this division and under the circumstances kept moral high and the team focused. The squad is down to bare bones so you'll never achieve maximum under those conditions. It's not as if he can sign players over last year - there's been an embargo - so sorry My Massey thats a touch crass.

    I don't feel he's communicated his role either - he should be saying, assuming its the case, that he's there to bring high level strategy to overall football development including scouting, youth coaching, staffing set-up etc. He's almost implied he's there to give 'Managerial lessons' to Lee Hodges.

    Poorly conveyed which means his remit is poorly conveyed or he's poorly conveyed a clear remit. There is always going to be questions about role overlaps when you have football director type roles so he ought to be well prepared - he wasn't. Just hope he knows his role and adds value to areas not covered rather than trying to duplicate.

  7. are we here to support the team or the club? the vast majority do both but it seems some people are already reverting to type and are ready to stick the boot into the new owners and those appointed to assist them, get real