18 January 2013

Truro City FC Club Structure


Most of the new Truro City appointments have now been made, with a team of well over 20 people occupying key positions with a view to all aspects of the club's activities, developments and promotions being controlled and advanced in co-ordinated fashion.

In keeping with the new owners' policy of total transparency wherever possible, the current structure is outlined below.  Key changes include Tracey Finemore now in the role of Personal Assistant to the Board of Directors and Ian Rennie becoming Football Secretary.

Truro City Football Club (2012) Limited

Chairman, Peter Masters;
Vice Chairman, Philip Perryman;
Director, Jason Masters. 
P.A. to Board, Tracey Finemore;
General Manager, Graham Bond;
Financial Controller, Chris Smale. 
Legal Advisors, Quality Solicitors Nalders;  Accountants, Bishop Fleming;  Land Agents, Vickery Holman.  Football Secretary, Ian Rennie.

Website/Programme/Facebook/Twitter, Dave Deacon; 
Quarterly Newsletter, David Grimshaw. 
Ground Facilities Manager, Mark Brent; 
Ground Assistants, Paul Condon, Ron Ratchford; 
Safety Officer, David Hughes; 
Kit Manager, Diane Ward. 
Media Centre Manager, Mark Huckle. 
Press Officer, Mike Truscott. 
Club Photographer, Richard Augarde. 
Entertainments Manager, Ray Jennings; 
Bar Manager, Trevor Martin; 
Bar Support/Cleaners, L2 Night Club Team. 
Development Team Manager, Tom Osborne; 
Commercial, Will Jones; 
Communities, Trevor Coldman; 
External Grants, Ray Rowe.
Match Day Manager, Ian Anear; 
Head Steward, Robin Netherton; 
Stewards, Alan James, Anthony Rowe, Paul Ward, Graham Martin, Martin Perman, Ray Venton, Terry Radcliffe, Alex Driver, Barry Milligan, Chris Sullilvan.  Stadium Announcer, Tom Trust;
First Aid, Haydn Jose;
Programme Sales, A2B Team;  Turnstiles, A2B Team.

Official Charity, Cornwall Air Ambulance;   TCFC Official Sponsors, Truro College, A2B Taxis, L2 Night Club.  TCFC Ambassadors, John Richardson, Anne Richardson, Ricky Prosser, Leonard Morgan, Morrish Truscott, Peter Kinsman.

Mike Truscott, City Alerts

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