19 January 2013

Re-launch of the "Penalty Spot"

Saturday 26th January - 7pm

Next Saturday night will see the re-launch of the Penalty Spot at Treyew Road.  Ray Jennings has organised the Tom Mellow 60's and 70's disco from 7pm til 1pm.  In addition, a Beatles tribute band called Not the Beatles will also be performing.  Drinks will be £2.50.  Entry is free!  Link to Not the Beatles website is HERE

This has all the makings of a top night, especially as some of the Chelmsford fans will be staying over.  And on that note, we should remember that Chelmsford were one of our closest allies during our darkest hours last Autumn.  The Chelmsford Chairman, Mansell Wallace gave generously to the cause and even held bucket collections for our players.  It goes without saying that we will welcome our friends from Essex.

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  1. Get In!!!! make sure you look after them Essex geezers as well, top fellas all of them.