02 September 2011

Truro Fans [TISA] Opinion

Following poor results on the pitch in the last week, relations off the pitch have also taken a serious tumble.

The chants sung from the terraces last week were unquestionably of a personal nature and no one from TISA condones that. Following an immediate apology in person from one of the perpetrators, an official statement of apology from the Supporters' Association, the resignation of the Chairman of the Supporters' Association, the life-long ban of the same person from Treyew Road and now the blanket ban of any Supporters' Association regalia to be worn at any match from this Saturday is monumentally heavy-handed to say the least.

With the banning of TISA regalia and merchandise, it would appear that a Supporters' Association of any nature is not actually wanted by TCFC. Like it or not, every football club has a supporters' club to organise away travel, functions, speaker dinners, all of which ultimately supports the players on the pitch. The impression has been given that none of this is required at Treyew Road?

For the sake of the club and its continued progress, surely there can be some middle ground?

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