11 September 2011

Boreham Wood match report

A brief summary match report by Rhod Mitchell:  Link here > MATCH REPORT

Tiger Talk Forum quotes:

Mountaineer: This was a victory for the CLUB.

We won with only 30 seconds of added time left.

The away support did what I have been mentioning for some time, they were united as one, TISA, Exiles and individual travellers getting behind the team, we out sung the Boreham Wood fans attendance 290, our only competition was a geezer with a strimmer in one of the gardens, when that packed in they sent in a helicopter.

We all showed our support for everyone, team and officials.
The team and officials showed their support for us fans.

Today was a great day for the football club, the pleading of the last week was left in Cornwall, today looked like a unification, the great away support raised the volume, everyone was singing from the same hymn sheet - This has to be the future.

The Boreham Wood players were doing their fair share of 'Effing', so the song went out to them 'No more swearing, no more swearing, no more swearing on the pitch'. One of their subs was called Inih Effiong, I asked the question, if he comes on are we allowed to chant 'Who the Effiong are you', I was told I was being naughty.

Maybe today witnessed something everyone can build upon.


Great result today. Game of two halves really. We were all over them in the first half but didn't play at all well in the second. Fantastic free kick by Ting Tong to secure the points. Truro army in fine voice today and we were good boys and didn't swear Very Happy


Marcus opens the scoring (photo: Mark Brent)
A few more photos (*btw if anyone, i.e the match prog' want to use any pictures please ask first), hopefully the guy from When Saturday Comes will send us some better photos in due course

Generally a decent tidy ground, crowd wasn't large (207) but a good away following made sure there was an atmosphere, apart from Boreham Wood scoring we didn't hear a peep from the home support, although the Starlings on the floodlight pylon had a go too. The away supporters did Turo City proud and the players led by Hodgey were terrific at the end in coming over to us.

Friendly enough club, decent clubshop, Admission £12, Prog' £2 (good), Chips (from clubhouse) 7/10, Burger (from catering van) grim, less said about the tea the better, Bar-girl:  Cool ! Big thanks to the TISA guys who did the driving today, away days are, and continue to be, the best!

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