12 November 2012

TCFC Administrator's Statement Monday 12th Nov.

Kate Breese of Walsh Taylor and Administrator of Truro City Football Club Limited commented on the signing of Luke McCormick, the former Plymouth FC goalkeeper who was jailed in October 2008 for his involvement in a car accident which killed two children, for Truro City FC:

"I would like to give a warm welcome to Luke McCormick who will be a great addition to the first team at a time when we are in desperate need of players. With the embargo in place, the financial restrictions of administration and a mounting injury list, Luke's experience and undoubted ability is very much needed. The club is at its bare bones and it has been essential to recruit a goalkeeper. With Luke prepared to play for free combined with the club's current financial situation then this signing has been a matter of necessity.

It is my role as administrator to sell this club as a going concern and to achieve the best possible outcome for creditors. Luke has proved his self at Football League level and is willing to play for Truro City FC for free. As such, there is no question that adding Luke to the squad can only help this cause. But I also want to make sure that the soul of the club, the fans, understand the decision to bring Luke in and that they give him their complete support. With the club's first team goalkeeper now injured and out of action for a number of weeks and with no monies available to add to the wage bill, Luke was not only willing to play for free but he is also of a quality far in excess of any player we would be able to afford. With the club currently at the bottom of the Conference South, we need the strongest team possible to try and pull the club out of the relegation zone. We are doing everything we can off the field to save the cub and keep it in The Football Conference but we also need to ensure that the first team has the support to have the best possible chance of survival on the pitch.

Certain people may have concerns over Luke's past but his past is precisely that. Luke has served the time deemed appropriate by the judicial system and that chapter is now closed. Luke has been extremely remorseful over the cause of his jail term but as stated, the sentence has been served and there is no benefit to anyone in not allowing him to play the sport that he loves and has great ability at. I hope that the fans of Truro City understand this decision and equally give Luke the warmest possible welcome. He is now an important member of our squad and will play a crucial part in the club's fight for survival. The team needs the fans to keep their support strong as that is also vital for the survival hopes. Truro City FC is now looking forward after a period of severe uncertainty, the club having been on its' knees. We are not in a position to turn down offers of assistance and look forward to Luke playing an important role for the club."


  1. Good to see someone giving Luke a chance, we have all made mistakes, albeit may be not as serious as Luke's but as the statement above says this was in the past and everyone should be given a second chance. I wish Luke all the best at Truro City and I hope that fellow fans can come together to support him as well.

  2. A disgraceful, morally bankrupt decision.

  3. Bad PR for the club and what happens to Tim now and the loyalty he has shown while all this went on soon forgotten........

  4. Good to see a club give him a chance he is far to good to play at this leval so far play to him for coming to truro for free he has served his time now let him get on with his life if he was a builder would people say sorry you cant go building again

    1. He's not a builder is he. A player even at a local level is a role model . Bad decision and should not be supported.

  5. Let him play elsewear he is thick skinned to think normal people who have morals will accept this, and as far as :letting him get on with his life: the father and Mother of the two children, are they able :to get on with there lives: I dont think so. So have some thought for what this is doing to them.

  6. Even the inmates at Channings Wood Prison would not play football with him .....says alot for all those who accept that its fine for him to play for our Club, this will damage are image vastly across the conference supporters and amongst caring people who have feelings for the family of the two boys he killed.