10 November 2012

One in, one out

The player-go-round continues this week as Dan Green is confirmed as moving to Dorchester Town.  Best wishes to Dan.  Lets hope he gets a place in the side as recent transferee Aaran Pugh to the same club is apparently struggling to get a look in.  A bizarre move from a regular place to sitting on the bench.

The internet is buzzing today  with news that former Plymouth Argyle goalkeeper Luke McCormick has signed on a non contract basis with Truro City.

Following the nasty injury to Tim Sandercombe's knee last week against Hornchurch, an immediate replacement was required.  Without Tim for Saturday's FA Trophy game away to Farnborough the club are believed to have signed McCormick as a replacement.

McCormick, 29, played for Argyle between 2001 and 2008 making 157 appearances but had his contract cancelled by mutual consent in July 2008 after causing a car crash that tragically killed two children.
The keeper was sentenced to seven years in prison but was released in June this year and was invited to train with Swindon Town.

There's no doubting McCormick's 'keeping skills and he will be more than capable at Conference level.  Whatever one's views are of Luke's tragic past, he no doubt has to live with the sorry memory.  He has served his time and we should welcome him at Treyew Road.


  1. tragic on whos part,, tragic that hes finding it hard to kick start his career or tragic for the parents of arron and ben peak whos lives were TRAGICALLY taken away and smashed into millions of little peices when that idiot (can think of more harsh word) decided to get in to his landrover pissed out of his head arguing with his girlfriend smashed into there car killing them too little boys out right injuring 3 others including two other childeren and disabeling arron and bens dad forever!!! anyone who lets this nob head child killer play should be ashamed of themselves and the fans of this club should feel ashamed that their team would sign someone like this and dont come at me saying he has served his time because think about it 7 years for killing 2 children and crippling a man but serving 4??? does that sound like he has served his time?? nope didnt think so! his career should have ended when he took those boys lives just like amanda and philps lives have been took one word for LUCK MCCORMICK CHILD KILLING PRICK

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  3. A bad move imho - some people will never forget.

    Why not take a look at Exeter's GK Sam Ward? He is keen to play for a Conference South/Southern League side and was recently trialed by Kettering.

  4. Also this team http://www.ukfffc.co.uk/club/Home is looking for a club to move some of its best players (former Cadiz, Lille, Galatasaray players) to. Maybe Truro can profit from them?

  5. I can not beleive that truro are signing this child killer seven years!! for killing two inoccent children and you say he has to live with this and it is in the past it will never be in the past for the family members of these children and he should have to live with it for the rest of his life he has got away with this very lightly he should be serving life for what he done he made the decision to drink and drive are truro that desperate they have to sign a child killer i hope the fans venomously disagree with what there club are doing i cant beleive there are not hundreds if not thousands of comments about this i have two children of my own and i feel sick to my stomach that truro would sign this ?i dont no what to call him(DISGUSTING)