15 November 2012

"I'm owed £1m" says girlfriend of City's former Chairman

Source West Briton LINK

THE girlfriend of Truro City Football Club's bankrupt former chairman claims it owes her more than £1 million – but refused to say why.

The West Briton spoke with Kevin Heaney's partner Julia Sincock at a meeting for creditors of the club at Treyew Road on Friday.

Other creditors expressed anger at having to chase the club for alleged debts.

But six years ago Ms Sincock was an accounts technician at Walker Moyle at Redruth earning just £15,000 a year.

After the meeting, attended by the West Briton, 30-year-old Ms Sincock, also known as Yulia, refused to comment on why she had put in a claim for £1,006,180 and then left in a large sports utility vehicle.


The West Briton can also reveal that on September 20 Ms Sincock was appointed as director of a company Dilby, which has also put in a claim for £100,000. Mr Heaney was a director of that company until August 3rd.

A company called Cornish Properties Ltd has also put in a claim for £355,083. Mr Heaney's position as director at that firm ended on August 3 and Ms Sincock was made director on September 18. The company was wound up at Truro County Court on October 3rd.

Mr Heaney, the property developer who brought unprecedented success to Truro City, was made bankrupt on August 24 and stood down as chairman of the club.

The total claims against Truro City from 77 creditors add up to nearly £4 million, including a claim for £1.5 million from "wealth management" company BCK. It declined to comment.

The West Briton gained exclusive access to the meeting as it has put in a claim for more than £6,000 allegedly owed by the football club for advertisements.

Mark Woolcock, brought in and dismissed as chief executive at the club this summer, claimed: "I was brought in to provide financial and organisational stability for the club and I was not allowed to do that.
"The club would not have got where they have got without Kevin Heaney but it's a shame it has had to end this way."

The meeting heard administrators were still in talks regarding the sale of the club and the new owners would negotiate agreements with creditors.


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