01 November 2012

Kevin Heaney a Hero of Truro City Football Club

TruroFans has been trawling the net and found this article written by Ian Evans. Make up your own mind but we're sure it doesn't quite make agreeable reading. The link is here > Truro.com Link but original text also reproduced below:  Comments welcome....!

"In the light of the events towards the end of last week which saw Truro City FC Expelled from the division, and then re instated after three local businessmen paid the conference the required £50,000. What happens next to the club? We don’t yet know, but Truro city FC will remain strong were sure.

We want to take a moment to document the clubs massive climb through the football leagues which saw the club achieve promotion 5 times in just 6 years, all at the hands of chairman Kevin Heaney. Yes Kevin grew the club too quickly maybe, wanted to much too fast, but why not? Kevin Heaney should be praised for what he achieved for the city of Truro. The past 6 or 7 years have been great for Truro City Football Club and it would not have been achieved without Kevin Heaney.

So we would like to write a thank you to Kevin, who took over at Truro City a multi millionaire, put everything he had into bringing you a club to be proud of."

Ian Evans - Truro.com


  1. Has this been written for a bet? Either way the cretin who wrote that crock of shit probably couldn't find his own arse even if he used both hands.

  2. Heaney should be first against the wall when the revolution comes. Bastard

  3. everything 'he' had or everything he stole from other people??? there is not an honest bone in the man's body, a days good honest hard work is alien to him.

  4. seems truro fans cant see the wood for the trees,do they really think masters has any more righteous values than his predesessor,his tweets say it all about him,self centred,whats in it for me, comes across.pep,things aint what they seem my old mate,keep watching your back.

  5. masters....i will lead you all to the land flowing with milk and honey......milk goes sour.