30 July 2012

TISA Statement - Monday 30th July 2012

TISA Statement

On Saturday July 28 2012 at 12:00 in the Truro Railway Club, TISA held a general meeting primarily to reconstitute the association and elect a new committee. I am really happy to report that the meeting was very well attended and it was good to meet some familiar faces once again as we approach the new season.

It was agreed that initially there would be a small Committee voted in and the results of those elections were as follows:

Chairman Brian Thompson
Secretary and Vice Chair Simon Birch
Treasurer Dave Grimshaw

There was a full discussion on how TISA could ensure that the fragmentation and conflicts that arose towards the end of last season are not repeated. Generally it was thought that TISA had tried to be “all things to all people” last season and in so doing actually weakened our independent status and our primary mission of “Support of the Team and Support of Ourselves”. Having said that I believe TISA acted honourably throughout the season, being led by its members, for example by meeting formerly with club officials when asked and facilitating volunteers to help the football club with ground grading and other improvements.

On the issue of volunteers helping out with ground improvements and other roles within the football club I would just like to reiterate that at no time has TISA opposed this. On the contrary we have always encouraged individuals who wanted to help out the football club to do so, not as a representative of TISA but as an individual. It is only natural that any non league football club has a group of enthusiast volunteers which help out and we applaud their efforts.

However, most of those volunteers have resigned from TISA or voted with their feet by not attending the TISA meeting on Saturday and this combined with our desire to reaffirm our independent status resulted in the following membership policy being agreed.

TISA Membership

 Membership shall be by application. Each application shall be considered by the TISA committee. Membership terms and conditions and fees will be detailed on the application form which is available on request by messaging me on Facebook or PM’ing me on Tiger Talk. Include your email address if you want the form emailed or your address if you require it posted. We will collect fees from you on confirmation of your successful application and you will receive a membership card and other items in a membership pack.

Finally I would just like to once again reiterate that whether you go on to become a TISA member or not, we are all Truro City supporters and friendships built up over the last few seasons will continue I’m sure as we go about our travels once again in support of our great team.

Simon Birch – TISA Secretary & Vice Chair

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