16 July 2012

TCFC Club Statement, Monday, 16 July 2012


Truro City FC are pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Woolcock as their first-ever Chief Executive Officer. Since taking the reins as Club Secretary last season, Mark has proved to Chairman Kevin Heaney that he is the man to continue delivering the highest level of football in the county and build on the success the club has enjoyed over the past seven years. Kevin Heaney introduces Mark as "the most dynamic CEO I have ever known, who will bring stability and help develop the club into a local and national brand that we can all be proud of."

Mark has managed to combine his clinical role with the Cornwall Out-of-Hours GP service and the Secretary role at Truro for the past year, but now feels that this new challenge will require much of his time. He says: "Truro City have done exceptionally well as a team, but my main task is to bring the 'club' back together by embracing the talent from the youth teams, developing our Reserve team and supporting our superb Ladies team, with the overall aim of making us a highly successful community club with a national identity.

"Kevin has provided this club with such a fantastic platform for good football, but has not been able to invest the time he would want into taking us to the next level. My role will be to make us more businesslike as an organisation, ensuring financial stability for every season and developing the strongest of links with the community, in order that we all share the spoils of the club's success."

Kevin Heaney recognises that the long-term future of any organisation lies in succession planning, and whilst he intends to remain as the Chairman of the football club, he is happy to leave the running of the whole club in Mark's safe hands.

Vice-Chairman Chris Webb said: "I don't think anyone will ever repeat the success that Kevin has brought to this club and the legacy he has built will be a major part of the club's history. I am looking forward to working with Mark as his enthusiasm and energy to get things done is exactly what we need now."

Born and raised in Truro, Mark realises the importance the fans will play in determining the long-term future of the club. "Over the past few weeks, I have been utterly amazed by our supporters, who have spent hours and hours at the club making it ready for the new season. The buzz around the place is like nothing I have ever known. To have been given this fantastic opportunity to develop this club whilst working in the city that I love and grew up in is something I could never have dreamt of."

Mark's first home game "in charge" will be against Plymouth Argyle on the 24th July, when fans old and new are encouraged to come to the game and support the squad in getting ready for another tough season in the Conference South.

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