05 March 2012

Gillian Alderman Wreath of Remembrance

The wreath of white and gold flowers was laid at Gillian's favoured seat by Truro City Captain Jake Ash at the Eastbourne game on Saturday.  A posey of red roses was also laid.  A minute's silence was held as a mark of respect for one of our most loyal supporters.  TISA Chairman Colin Carter collected well over £300 from generous supporters to go towards a memorial fund. 

Colin collecting at the game on Saturday

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  1. John Salisbury is my father-in-law, my husband and I are also friends of Bob Fagan.
    Bob has asked me to extend his deep gratitude to you for your kindness in your tribute to Gillian.
    John and Bob are now recovering in St.Austell Hospital and true to their love of the game and loyalty to the club, are focusing on getting well and attending again next season.
    They have a long road ahead considering their injuries and also coming to terms with the loss of Gillian. This has been a harrowing experience indeed.
    Andree Salisbury.