21 December 2011

Sutton United match report and comments

Full Sutton FC match report from last night's thrilling game can be found here > LINK HERE

Images from the game due here shortly: IMAGES

Sutton forum comments :


Hats off to Truro, who's sqaud was decimated and they came so close to the win. Ok, not our best prformance and I'm not sure why we played just one up front tonight but as someone else has said on here 4 pts out of 6 is a good return.

Great goals by Harry, the free-kick was exceptional, lighting up an indifferent performance.

As for the bottle throwing incident - I'm sorry but if these cretins don't get a bit of stick from the regulars they will think it is fine & dandy to do it again. By reacting strongly & with no holds barred we make them aware of how unacceptable what they did is. As for only one throwing it, well their collective silence when challenged puts them all in the same boat as far as I'm concerned. They were bloody teenagers who should know better than to endanger those on the playing field.

No doubt we will get a fine now & the reputation of the club maybe a tad tarnished. If it happens again & I'm close, I'l react exactly the same. None of this namby pamby pussying around; tell them how it is.

Finally well done to the Truro fans for making the journey - a fantastic effort.

Amber Aleman:

That was a draw snatched from the jaws of defeat! On paper this looked one of our easier tasks of the season, with Truro so depleted by injuries that they could only name one substitute. But things are rarely that simple in football!

Truro came with a game plan to defend in numbers and frustate our attacks, and for most of the match those tactics were successful. Although we had more of the play in the first half, our forwards were unable to find much space with several shots blocked in the area. Truro's best chance of scoring looked to be from free kicks, and it may be no coincidence that their players seemed to go down under the slightest challenge in the Sutton half. But their opening goal came from a long ball out of defence and a cross which found us short of cover at the back.

After that we really struggled to regain the initiative, and although Harry did eventually head us level we conceded again within a few minutes after a cleared corner was lobbed back in to the far post. We might have lost 3-1 as Les Afful lobbed Scrivs only to see the ball rebound off the bar, but a last gasp attack earned us a free kick of our own which Harry dispatched with aplomb. :)

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