11 February 2014

Tudors tame the Tigers (by Andy "Pompey Tudor" Fenner)

How the game was seen by Tudors fan Andy "Pompey Tudor" Fenner:

Another tale, as I guess we all do it, pick one game at the start of the season we know we’ll be at, regardless of any event!! For after a fantastic effort by the Truro Committee and Staff, it will mean a day of adventure into storm ridden West Country floods and political excuses. The Treyew Road pitch has been announced playable late Friday and my date with destiny has arrived, the longest trip of the season.

So up we gets at 6.0am, to find a Magnificent “Six” stopping for a “Seventh” at Junction 11 on the M4, a morning sun rising behind and everyone in good spirits, all but for the disappointment of the Chippenham Pit-stop not being open for breakfast, perhaps an omen or just a blip? Hunger pains aside, Bristol’s “East” Tesco Extra comes to the rescue, with traditional cooked all round, sending us on our way West again, eagerly awaiting news of the next pitch inspection which came through just north of Exeter, our date with destiny still on. The alternative option of St James Park was not going to see an innocent six and an undercover “blue” this day!! Ssshhh

So into Devon we rode, no time for clotted cream just hopping past our beloved Team Coach, with the Avco Red and Black on board, probably wondering if it would be their day - which seemed almost insane as Cornwall arrived and we descended off Bodmin Moor, into rain, hail, fork lightning and thunder all round. It seemed the White Tigers were growling at our nearing presence and with a final pitch inspection due, things didn’t look too good. But we had come this far so we pushed on and at least could watch the lunchtime TV footie from Anfield (what a start that was !!) which must of sown seeds in our Lads minds, for once the final pitch inspection was cleared, they all sat ensconced and absorbing those Red attacks... soon replicated by Tudor Red led by Captain Parkes who literally grabbed the game by the throat inside nineteen minutes and ended the contest there and then. Pure class.

Which was the same for the unfolding game, played in a gale, with dark clouds and passing rains overhead. The home fans fully aware that this was football they had not seen for a while, 4 up at the half, young Toomes adding to his tally during the second and Moussa desperate to score past our Laurie who was seeing everything in the worsening conditions but always standing firm between the posts. Until a late consolation goal allowed the tannoy system to blare out a St Neot like fanfare of joy, as a home town goal had gone in at last, deserved but oh so late to concern anyone from Hertfordshire; for we had witnessed something special, applauded by all as our Heroes exited right and both sets of fans retired left to the bar, appreciative of the feast that had been provided this day when most games would not of been played.

Once refreshed we all headed back east. The Team coach stocked up with “light” refreshment and bound for a karaoke session or two whilst the Magnificent Seven chose KFC in Taunton and then came to terms with Tapper’s dislike of Saturday night rap music on Radio 1 as the evening came to an enjoyable end. Yep a great day was had by all.

So thank you to everyone for making it one of the best I’ve enjoyed along the way... and yes Hemel Hempstead Town FC are now a complete Team, fully prepared and ready for their next day of destiny - those Clubs of the Conference await.

Line-Up: Walker, King, Blackett (Connolly), Parkes, Murphy, Diarra, Talbot, Thorne, Pearce, Allen, Toomey (May). Subs not used: Hutton, Mackey.

Attendance: 253

Man of the Match: Parkes

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