02 September 2013

Truro City out of Administration (by Peter Masters)

I am pleased to report that both Philip and I have received the formal notice to the effect that the Administration of TRURO CITY FOOTBALL CLUB LIMITED has been brought to an end.
This effectively draws a line under this avoidable affair in the Club’s history and serves as a warning for the future to us all. You need no reminding that as well as costing the two of us many thousands of pounds and a substantial amount of time, the Club has damaged its reputation, suffered relegation from the Conference South and lost the ownership of the Stadium at Treyew Road.
It has to be said, however unpalatable it may be to those involved, that this was brought about by Officials during that time (and leading up to it) that was blinded but frankly should have known a lot better.
It now leaves us all to rebuild the Club to a sustainable level which will ultimately decide on what League we play in. In the spirit of openness I attach the Report for your own assessment. REST ASSURED IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN UNDER OUR WATCH.

Peter Masters Chairman

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