19 June 2013

2013/14 Concession's Season Ticket

Further to yesterday's announcement, the Club can now confirm the following, which should answer any questions posted below and on the Forum:

There will be a Concession's Season Ticket, based on the 23 league home games, at a reduced rate, for a limited period until 31st July 2013.  This will be priced £100.  It's not quite the mathematical pro rata of the normal rate, but still works out to be a VERY GOOD deal and one that should be seriously considered.  Furthermore, Concession at Truro City at least, starts at age 60!

Finally, one grey area is the age group between 13 and 18.  This age group still pay £10 entry as an adult would, or £150 for a season ticket.  The Club are mindful of this and in recognition of trying to attract more attendance in this age group, will be closely monitoring feedback.

Please do not hesitate to call me on 01872 263444 (work) if you have any queries, or better still, wish to purchase a season ticket.  It cannot be stressed enough how much of a deal this is...A Concession equates to just £4.35 a game!



  1. I put this on Tiger Talk but as the club are actively seeking feedback I paste it here also:

    The 13 - 18 year olds paying full price needs a major rethink, mostly because I have two kids in that age group so for the 3 of us attending Treyew Road I will neither be paying £450 for season tickets or £30 per game.

    I know that Under 18's are not your target market for pubs and nightclubs but they are for football clubs and kids going for free or very cheaply is a way of persuading the adult parent(s) to take them who then spend money on chips and beefburgers. Believe me I know !!

    P.S On another mercenary note, will there still be concessions for Truro College Students

  2. Sounds like you have something personal against Mr Masters mentioning Pubs and Nightclubs buy a season ticket and show your support instead of moaning again again and again

  3. Get stuffed Tosser. As the Management have now introduced the requested discounts they were clearly receptive to the feedback. I'm glad I was able to help .....again