26 June 2013

Helston boss unhappy with Truro City (Falmouth Packet)

Sid Taylor, manager of Carlsberg South West Peninsula League club Helston Athletic, has expressed his anger with new Truro City boss Steve Massey after the White Tigers made approaches for three of his players.

Strikers Liam Eddy and Mark Goldsworthy and midfielder Charlie Young are all set to have talks at Treyew Road this week, and Taylor fears the lure of playing in the Calor League Southern Premier Division next season may ultimately prove hard for them to resist.
But far from being angry with his players, Taylor said it was the manner in which they were approached that has most frustrated him. “I’m not happy with Truro to be honest. They’ve come in behind our backs, and as far as I’m concerned that’s not the right way to do things.
“It goes on, everyone knows it goes on, but you’d think a bigger club like Truro would do it the right way by asking my permission or the club’s permission to speak to our players. They haven’t done that, and that’s disappointing.”
This is not the first time Taylor has expressed his annoyance with Massey.
The newly-appointed City boss angered the Blues manager last season after it was revealed he had spoken to Eddy via text message about a possible move.
But Massey insists it was the player who made contact with him first, and any suggestions of impropriety are unjustified.
“I’ve spoken to them throughout June actually, and I’ve had to knock them back on two occasions because we’ve been too busy to meet.
“When I last spoke to Sid about Liam Eddy it was to explain that I was actually returning the call from Liam.
“I think every time he phones a player he should think about it, because there’s a little bit of pot calling the kettle black here. Sid knows that June’s a month where players and managers speak. It’s basically a free-for-all.”
Taylor admits he is powerless to prevent the trio from leaving, but insists any deal must be right for them.
“If they have a good offer I suppose they’ll take it up, but there’s a lot of travelling in the Southern League and with time off work the money has to be a big factor.
“In a funny way it’s a proud moment for the club to have maybe three players going into the Southern League.
“But for Truro to be so underhand in the way they’ve gone about things has really disappointed me.”
Meanwhile Massey said he was scheduled to meet the trio, and early indications were that the players were keen to sign.
“The vibes I’ve had back from them are very encouraging, but I want to meet face to face,” he said.
“I think they have got huge potential, and I don’t doubt they can cope with the step up. I think with our training sessions - which will be more intense than they’re used to - they’ll have plenty of opportunities to grow as players.”


  1. Liam eddy????
    Weve all seen wot hes about!

  2. Yes we know what he's about Man of the Match in the recent Cornwall Senior Cup Final.
    These young lads will be left in no doubt if they put the work in they reap the rewards.

  3. Top young striker and just the sort of player we need to be looking at, liam was absolutely outstanding in that Cup final. Really impressed by what Steve Massey and Glyn Hooper are doing to rebuild the team