18 June 2013

2013/14 Season Ticket double bonanza

Mr Masters has today announced that the 2013/14 Season Ticket price will be just £150.  The entry price for a non-concession ticket will be £10.  With 23 home league games to be played, this works out to be a significant saving of £80 and is a real bargain.
Season Tickets will be available to purchase from now until 31st July 2013.  Tickets will be exclusively available from Steve Rogers by mail order or by visiting South West Optics shop in River Street, Truro.
The form below, with all the relevant information, can be printed and sent to Steve with a cheque made payable to "Truro City Football Club".  A receipt will be sent with the ticket.
For those supporters who can visit Steve in the shop, a ticket will be available there. 
Please note that Season Tickets are for home league games only and exclude cup games.  And the double bonanza? Season Tickets also cover the Reserves and the Ladies games as well!  A bargain if ever there was one.
Concession price will be £6. Juniors under 12 years old accompanied by an adult gain free entry.
Steve Rogers.


  1. There is no mention of a concessions season ticket something all other clubs I know have, has the club decided on one and will it be pro rata i.e £90.00 ? A saving to that group of £48.

    Without a concession season ticket the savings for that group by paying at individual games would only amount to 52p less per game than full paying Adults with a season ticket.

    1. A Concession's Season Ticket will be considered shortly. Thanks.

  2. Stop bloody moaning and by one you tight old git

  3. Yes what a bunch of W's frankly Pep snd Pete should walk and the white should be exstinct!!!!!