23 March 2017

Poole Town 2 Truro City 0

When Poole Town finished the first half 2-0 up, a few of their fans might have casted their minds back three days and quickly hoped history wouldn’t repeat itself.
In a way, it did. Truro have never scored at the Black Gold Stadium, let alone win, and the Cornish outfit hadn’t won on the road in eight games.
But it was a Poole collapse that worried Dolphins fans, rather than their opponents’ contribution to the game.
It never really threatened to exist, a Truro goal, and there were three proper chances in the game as a whole, and all three belonged to Poole. 
Jamie Whisken hits the crossbar with a first half header - Photo by: Andy Orman
Skipper Jamie Whisken was leading from the front when he smacked the crossbar with a header, and that was the first proper chance of relatively dull affair. 
Luke Burbidge stuck the post from inside the box, but in all truths, it was a half-chance that almost crept in via a smart strike.
The statement that Poole had better chances doesn’t truly reflect on the game as a whole. Neither side dominated, nor could create numerous opportunities. Luke Roberts was a threat down the left flank throughout, but his direct runs rarely yielded a return.
Due to the dominance of Roberts on the left, most around the ground expected he’d produce the opener but few would have been surprised that it came from the opposite side of the pitch. Burbidge eventually got the chance to stretch his legs, turning his marker, Ryan Brett, inside out in the process.
He’d then flung a low cross towards the centre of the six-yard box, where Roberts showed his quality as a poacher to turn the ball home and give Poole a slightly deserved lead. 
It was only slight, due to the fact neither side spent much time in possession, and as such, a second goal from the Dolphins seemed a long way off.
It would come via a fairly unimaginative manner, not that Poole will be too bothered. Steve Devlin delivered a pin-point cross onto the head of Marvin Brooks, who made it 7 from 8 to double the hosts’ advantage.
After the break, the game became even more stagnant, as Poole were content to deal with the weak barrage of long balls. A few opportunities on the counter arose, but nothing of particular note. 
As the game faded away, so did the players’ energy levels and whilst this sometimes leads to punishable mistakes, there was no drama as Poole saw out another win.

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