11 September 2015

Hit for Six again, this time off the Pitch - by Peter Masters

Last Friday we received notification that the Department for Communities and Local Government were unable to complete consideration of the planning proposals by 2nd September 2015 and in exercise of his powers under article 31(1) The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015, the Secretary of State directs the Council not to grant permission on the applications without specific authorisation.


This direction was issued to enable the Secretary of State for Communities to have a further period in which to consider the proposals. We as a Club are not aware of any time limits relating to the powers under article 31(1) only that “the matter will be dealt with as quickly as possible”. The decision could take weeks, months or even years and there is no guarantee of a successful outcome. We find this latest setback totally unacceptable and bitterly disappointing.
Both Philip and I feel strongly that we cannot simply standby waiting in the vain hope that someone outside of Cornwall sat in the higher arc of government will understand our position at Truro City Football Club and finally issue the planning permissions that have been passed by local government on 30th July 2015. We need to control our own destiny and success. The Club cannot return to the brink of extinction or get relegated back down to the Southern League or lower through the actions of others with only their self interest in mind.
The position now as we understand it in respect of the planning permissions passed on 30th July 2015 by the Strategic Planning Committee on Treyew Road, Silver Bow, West Langarth and S4C is wide open, nothing is settled and it appears to us that certain individuals are floundering around either trying to better their position and or make political gain, this is simply wrong. The build programme on Silver Bow has already got behind and there is now little chance of getting back on track on what already is a tight schedule.
Given this latest development we will be making our feelings known to the Secretary of State and also resurrecting the ground share option. At least being based in Devon we will be able to concentrate on football matters instead of being distracted in Cornwall by planning issues. The sad thing is that many people, particularly the younger generation will be deprived of National League football here Truro for what we fear will be a very long period of time.


We also fear for our friends, the Cornish Pirates, who face a similar dilemma like Truro City, have had their hopes raised in July and now find themselves again back in the hands of the Planning Authority and all of the bureaucracy surrounding it.
It’s a sad indictment on Cornwall’s Sporting facilities.
Peter Masters, Chairman.
September 2015.

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