16 November 2015

Statement on Silver Bow

Further to our statement of November 13 welcoming the news that Silver Bow has been given the go ahead, Truro Independent Supporters Association (TISA) reiterates its wish to see the playing surface of Silver Bow put into the ownership of a Supporters Trust.   
The current owners of TCFC know only too well the trauma that occurs when a football club has its ground sold from underneath them, having successfully cleared up the mess left by the previous regime and in so doing saving TCFC from certain collapse. 
TISA understands that Truro City 2012 is a business and recognises the right of its owners to protect its investments and generate profit, however, football club owners come and go and can only by temporary custodians of the football club for its fans who remain the only constant.  TISA does not believe that any businessman should enter into football club ownership purely to make financial gain and indeed very few do. 
The ongoing financial injection of Helical Retail Ltd as future developers of Treyew Road  including a full or part repayment of the Directors loans made to the club by its current owners have paved the way for those owners to make a significant profit when they implement their "Exit Strategy", but TISA calls on them to curtail their profits and leave a legacy for the City of Truro and the supporters of its football club by agreeing to place the playing surface of the new ground at Silver Bow into a Supporters Trust to be formed of long standing Truro City fans and not those tainted by their collusion with the last regime when 'Trustees' handed over the rights of Treyew Road to the formers owners of TCFC and in so doing trigger the traumatic events that followed.

Simon Birch - TISA Secretary

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