05 October 2013

Statement from Steve Massey - Friday 4th October

Statement from Steve Massey
After a whirlwind 72 hours or so, I am delighted - absolutely thrilled - to confirm the signings of two very experienced and talented players, both of whom will be available for tomorrow's match at home to St Albans City.  Aaron Pugh and Ben Watson have both joined us from Dorchester Town.  
Defender Aaron needs no introduction, having played for us previously and proving himself a big favourite.  Striker Ben, I am certain, will be a terrific asset, having been a prolific goal scorer wherever he has played.  If you look at his profile on the Dorchester Town website, you will be left in no doubt about his pedigree.
I have been a great admirer of both players for a long time and when Peter (Masters) and I learned that both were among the eight being put up for sale by Dorchester, following that club's grave financial problems, we moved fast to secure their signatures.  A special word of thanks must go to the Dorchester club for their co-operation in ensuring that both were signed and registered in time for tomorrow's match, and to our very own admin team led by Tracey Finemore.
If anyone still doubts our commitment, ambition and sheer determination to achieve success for Truro City - Peter and myself in particular, which have understandably come in for some stick in recent weeks - then I hope this news can be seen as the statement of intent that it clearly is.
Believe me, we really do mean business, but I also don't want anyone to think this is a knee-jerk reaction to the recent bad results, or that it knocks off track our underlying policy of giving a chance to the best of young Cornish talent.  
As I say, we have had players of the quality and calibre like Aaron and Ben on our radar for some time, and their ability and experience will greatly assist in bringing along the youngsters in our squad - and be a big boost to overall confidence and morale in the process.  We always knew that an injection of additional experience would be both desirable and in fact necessary somewhere along the line.  Now we have had the opportunity that was simply too good to miss.
I look forward to seeing has many of you there for the game on Saturday against St Albans and of course Tuesday evening (8th) against Poole Town, when another of our recent experienced signings Jamie Lowry makes his welcome return from a three match ban.
The Tigers have been a little sleepy recently, however tomorrow they are ready to roar once more!  

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