20 October 2013

Ricky Prosser is remembered

A former president of Truro City Football Club has died at 4am on Saturday 12th October after losing his fight with liver cancer.

Mr Ricky Prosser was president of Truro City football club in the late 1970's and held the position until the club went into administration last year.
Below are some kind words from David Rowarth, a Truro City fan and friend of Ricky's.

"Just a few words about a very special man.  I got to know Ricky very well, mainly because we both shared the love of two special football teams: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR and TRURO CITY.
I had the pleasure of enjoying Ricky's company on his home patch, at Tottenham and
spent many hour's socialising with him and his friends in pubs and clubs and of course at White Hart Lane.  He would always get us tickets for Spurs games, none more so than the 1986-87 Semi-final at Villa Park against Watford.
Four of us spent days trying to acquire tickets for this game.  Then a week before the game, we were drinking in the Truro City Clubhouse and the steward Peter Heayn, told us that he had been in touch with Ricky and he has got us four tickets for the Semi-final.
All we had to do was be at the main gates of Villa Park at 13:00 0n the day of the match.
Well we got there well ahead of schedule.  Right on cue, at 13:00, we saw Ricky come out of the Main Stand doors of Villa Park and walk towards us.  He asked the stewards at the main gate to let us through because we were with him.  They reluctently agreed!
We gave him our money for the tickets and thanked him.  He said it was not a problem and if we hung around, the Spurs team bus would be arriving soon.  After five minutes, blue flashing lights and a police escort arrived with the Spurs Team Bus driving past us.
It stopped about 50 yards away.  The doors opened and the players began to get off.  Ricky shouted at Glenn Hoddle, Ray Clements, Ossie Ardilles, Paul Allen and Steve Hodge to come over and see his friends from Cornwall.  We shook hands and chatted briefly with these superstars.
Still in shock we went to the game and saw The Spurs win 4-0.
A day that I have never forgotten and it was all down to Ricky Prosser.
I will never forget this special person and such kind generosity.
You will be sadly missed, my friend."
Dave Rowarth.
A one-minute silence will be held before the Cambridge game on Saturday 26th October in memory of Mr Prosser.

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  1. I knew Ricky for quite a few years through repairing and sevicing his Rolls Royce.Always good customer and friend.He will be missed