28 October 2013

A reply to a Truro City supporter from The Manager

Following a fair amount of disquiet in the social media towards Steve Massey and following requests from fans for an explanation of tactics immediately after the Cambridge game, Truro City Manager Steve Massey, replies to supporters' concerns.

His response is below (as detailed on the official TCFC site today):

"Dear xxxxxxx

I understand that you have some concerns about the direction the first team is taking. Although we have suffered some losses recently, we have also beaten Banbury who were 5th in the table, an excellent win, and put in some very good performances that quite frankly have deserved much more than the results have shown. In fact this last Saturday yet another manager (Gary Roberts, Cambridge) is astonished that we are where we are with performances we have been giving.

I realise that there was / is a need to introduce new, experienced players into the squad. Indeed over the last few weeks, that has been done, Our mission to date of giving the finest local talent the opportunity to compete and succeed at this level will continue. Liam Eddy, Ollie Brokenshire and Neil Slateford have come on extremely well during the last month and remember Captain Jake Ash is only where he is now by being given the opportunity when considered inexperienced. He is now considered one of the best footballers to wear the Truro shirt.

It takes a brave manager to give youngsters the chance. Some players will unfortunately fail, others will not, but they will be thankful for the opportunity. That’s where TCFC finds itself at the present time: balancing experience and new young talent/youth.

I would welcome the opportunity to chat this through with you in person, as I feel that a face-to face discussion will be more beneficial. I recommend an agenda that looks at management strategy, individual player skills and the season to date.

It might also be useful, for you and the players, for you to visit the dressing room. I am sure that to see their commitment will help, in part, to allay any fears you may have.

In the meantime I thank you for your continued and valued support of our great club.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding a suitable meeting time and venue.

Best regards
Steve Massey"

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