06 June 2019

Truro Supporters Trust - Initial General Meeting

Truro Supporters Trust's Initial General Meeting will be held on July 10th, commencing at 19:00,in the Clubhouse at Treyew Road.
At this meeting committee members will be elected and people can pay their membership's and join the Trust.
There will be a member of the Clubs board in attendance to update supporters of the latest developments at the Club.
The Truro Supporters Trust are seeking nominations for the following Committee posts.
Nominations should be sent to Barry Milligan. Phone: 07891 303 523. E.mail. bazmobile4@yahoo.co.uk.
Final date for nominations is JULY 3rd.
Nominations will only be accepted on the night of the meeting if vacancies are still vacant.
The Steering Committee is meeting on June 19th to finalise details for the IGM. 
More information about the Trust can be found on, https://t.co/RXxuFlmMdo.

23 April 2019

Truro City Fans Open Meeting

All Truro City fans are invited to an open meeting on Thursday April 25th in The Central Bar, Truro @ 19:00.  The purpose of the meeting is to agree the format and organisation of a new supporters group.  One option will be to form a Supporters Trust and there will be guest speakers from Supporters Direct and the Football Supporters Federation to talk through that option and to answer questions. 
Many people have expressed their desire for the different TCFC fans groups to come together and speak with a single voice in the interests of the fans, club and community, and the new owners have expressed a willingness for this to happen.  Forming a Supporters Trust would give the fans the most powerful voice as we enter this new era in the history of Truro City Football Club.
The meeting will be co-chaired by representatives from Truro Independent Supporters Association (TISA) and the former Truro City Supporters Club.  For there to be a new unified supporters group and for people to invest their time in setting this up and running it there needs to be a clear indication of support from the TCFC fan base and the best way to do this is come along in good numbers on Thursday night to show your support and join the debate.

09 August 2018

TISA to Explore Options for Fans

Message from JP Creba – TISA Chairman

 At TISA’s AGM on Saturday August 4th those present reflected on the perilous state of Truro City following its move to Torquay and the how the club seems more removed from the Cornish community than ever with the fan base seemingly now completely disenfranchised.   It was agreed that TISA should focus on doing whatever it can to ensure that Truro City returns to playing its home games in the Truro area as soon as possible, with an ownership structure that has proper representation from and engagement with its fans and rebuilding links and relationships with the local community.  Of course this can happen in a number of ways ranging  from moving successfully into the Stadium for Cornwall in the next 18 months as a National League side or taking an enforced relegation down several steps and ground sharing with another Cornish club.  The current owner has confirmed recently in the media that he is still in a dialogue with someone with a view to selling the football club so it’s plain to see that Truro City is facing massive change and it seems right that the organised supporters groups recognise this and structure themselves in a way that gives them most influence in the clubs direction in these changing times.

Currently the two supporters groups are perceived to be at polar extremes with the Truro City Supporters Club committee acting as a PR machine for the football club owners and doing little to provide a forum or benefits for its members and TISA seemingly opposing the football club in all it does but providing well for its members.  Neither of these perceptions is the full truth but if things are going to change then now must be the time.  In considering how things might change TISA are considering restructuring as a Supporters Trust affiliated to Supporters Direct.  TISA recognises however, that to attempt to do this it must  grow its membership and widen the debate.  We therefore invite expressions of interest to participation in an open meeting to explore this initiative and debate the options.  At the same time, in order to broaden our membership we are inviting everyone to apply for membership of TISA which would be FREE in the first year.  Application for membership of TISA is open to everyone including existing Truro City Supporters Club Members.  You don’t need to join TISA to take part in the open meeting but if you wish to then send us a message at https://twitter.com/TISAboys.  As TISA is currently an Association we do need to have an application process and this is detailed on our website at http://trurofans.blogspot.com/ .

At the end of September, if there are sufficient expressions of interest then we will send out details of the open meeting.

In summary then, should you apply for membership you will be applying to join an association which is proposing to support however it best can “ensuring that Truro City returns to playing its home games in the Truro area as soon as possible, with an ownership structure that has proper representation from and engagement with its fans and rebuilding links and relationships with the local community.” and to participate in that debate.

23 July 2018

TISA Statement on Truro City Ground Share with Torquay United

Today marks a tragedy for Cornish sport and Truro City fans in particular as they face their club being moved to Torquay for an indeterminate amount of time, perhaps forever. It’s a disgrace that in the near six years under the current ownership that the owners have failed to obtain a location either permanent or temporary even within the boundary of Cornwall let alone Truro itself.  We now find ourselves voluntarily vacating Treyew Road without even the completed business case required to enable the Government to consider providing the funds required to start work on the Stadium for Cornwall, a project which the current owners spent much of their tenure ridiculing rather than supporting.

Much has been said about the current owners stepping in to save the club six years ago but the reality is that whilst they have managed to maintain Truro City’s place in step 2 of the footballing pyramid, the heart and soul of the club has been ripped out as we have seen the reserve and ladies team abolished, a failure to establish youth development scheme, the closure of the social club and a general alienation of its fans and the Cornish footballing community.

If the current owners were to walk away from the club today they would do so without losing a penny of their own money, having been repaid by the developers who now gain from the city’s loss.

The current tragic situation represents a dereliction of duty and failure of custodianship by the current owners.  Of course we desperately now hope that Stadium for Cornwall comes to fruition but the question for Truro City fans is, will they even have a football club by the time that happens.  A total failure to deliver for Truro City. A very sad day indeed!