21 September 2014

Burnham 2 v Truro 2

In front of a disappointing small crowd fans from both sides were treated to a fast and furious and very entertaining fixture. Burnham, had some new players on show, whilst Truro had players returning from injury. The game flowed well from a delayed kick off, the match officials arriving late. The early part of the first half was dominated by Truro who were clearly determined to get an early goal from the start. However they will have been disappointed. The Blues quickly got the measure of their opponents when, in the16th minute Nicke Kabamba was put through by a fine looping through ball to unleash a corker from 20 yards out to give the statuesque Kyle Moore no chance. A memorable goal. More followed, when Tom O’Regan side footed in from 15 yards to give the Blues a deserved 2 – 0 half lead. Truro re-grouped in the 2nd. period and unleashed a sustained attack on the Blues goal. The defence creaked but held its shape and dealt with the pressure well. Sadly Truro’s Isaac Vassel managed to stab the ball in at 53 minutes, which just evaded the diving fingertips of Alex Lynch to give cause for hope for Truro. At 63 minutes Truro were awarded a corner which found the head of Rob Farkins whose diving header from the far post was enough to bring the equaliser. The final period was very cut and thrust. The best chance fell to Tom O’Regan , just before the end fired over with only the keeper in his way. The Blues had a good day today but still seeking that elusive home win. With Canvey Island coming up next Saturday they will be very confident of a win in that game. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/burnhamfc/s/match-centre-100689/1-1016711

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