10 March 2013

Although the result wasn't what we wanted on the pitch, we was again treated with the upmost respect and hospitality by the officials and supporters of Bromley FC.

The comment below was  made by one of our life long friends at Bromley FC, Matt Hall............

'It was great to meet all you lot again today, I thoroughly enjoyed your company and wish I had it every week!! The win somehow feels hollow, don't know why. You're all top fans and I salute you for your committment and passion - I wish we had more fans like you guys. Hope the trip went ok on the way back and hope Dave is still sane after THAT journey! Many Bromley fans commented on how much they admired you all too, and the BSS is a better place with you all for sure. I can't thank you enough for making my day (the best home match I have ever had at Bromley) and please carry on the good work you do. You're a credit to your club and the whole of Cornwall. One thing's for sure, you've got an adopted fan in me! I'm sure we'll meet again soon. :)'.

True class. 

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