07 November 2011

Mike Truscott's City Alerts: Lee's view

LEE'S VIEW on Truro City  2  Welling United   3

"The result was very disappointing because I thought the performance overall was okay, but once again we were vulnerable to set pieces and players not taking responsibility for marking their men.  You can't afford to give free headers in the box.  Welling are a big team and we're not the biggest in the world, but it was disappointing because otherwise I thought we had competed really well against them.  I felt we could have got something from this match.

"Regarding the penalty, I know people are saying the foul was outside the box, but the really annoying thing is that Arran (Pugh) had done brilliantly first of all to win the ball but he then dilly-dallied when he should have cleared it;  you simply don't get that much time at this level.  It was really sloppy defending.  Arran has the potential to play at a higher level, but he has to learn to be more consistent and do things the right way.

"As for the third goal, there was nothing 'odd' about it - there was no deflection and Tim (Sandercombe) was not unsighted, but again what concerned me most was that no-one closed their player down;  they let him have a free shot at goal, and that was very frustrating."

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